Signing Off for 2011

The time has come again, another year has flown past. And before we know it another one will slip through under our noses. 2011 has definitely been a different year to others. The first year of high school for us year 7s and the first time I have been able to experience English PRISM. It has been a very exciting process seeing our English Blog going from an empty page to a fully functioning site. Over the course of the year we have written about anything that has come to our heads as being humourous, emotional, factual or political, and of course we learnt things along the way.When I wrote my post titled ‘Wegotism’ I learnt the meaning of words that I had never even knew existed. And then I was given the honour of interviewing our Principal Mr. Davis, and did I learn alot about him. Of all the memories of 2011 I have to say that interviewing Mr. Davis is something I will never forget.

The End

Today is our last English PRISM session for the year. I have enjoyed writing my continuous story of Penn Manor and  hope one day I will finish it. Although I had a slow start to the program, once I got going and had something to write about I had quite a good time. If I could go back and do something differently it would be to get going quicker. I had a wonderful time this year in English PRISM.

English Prism

This semester I paticipated in a extra-curricular class called English Prism. What we do in English Prism is write blogs about a wide range of different subjects. Although writing blogs is easy and I find it enjoyable it was very hard to find a suitable topic for you to write. For the students that participate in English Prism in 2012 I think the should be told what to write about not leave us to our own resources. This will get the students to write alot more blogs and will be a more enjoyable class.

This year I enjoyed the English Prism program and I hope to be part of the class in the years to come







































English Prism 2011

This semester I participated in an extra-curricular program called English Prism. In English Prism, we participated in a blog. I partly enjoyed this activity. I only partly enjoyed the blog because although it was an easy, open ended, and fun task; it was too difficult to find a suitable topic. Next year, in 2012 Year 7 English Prism, each student should create a list. On this list should be topics that the students should be interested in. This will make English Prism more enjoyable then it already is and more efficient.

This year I have really enjoyed being in this program and next year I hope I can have another extraordinary experience like this one.    



Rating: 4/5

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Running Time: 106 minutes

Actors (in order of appearance): Gwyneth Paltrow as Beth Emhoff, Tien You Chui as Li Fai, Josie Ho as Li Fai’s Sister, Daria Strokous as Irina, Matt Damon as Mitch Emhoff, Monique Gabriela Curnen as Lorraine Vasquez, Griffin Kane as Clark Morrow, Yoshiaki Kobayashi as the Japanese Bus Man, Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ellis Cheever, John Hawkes as Roger, Jude Law as Alan Krumwiede, Stef Tovar as Dr. Arrington, Grace Rex as Carrie Anne, Marion Cotillard as Dr. Leonora Orantes, Chin Han as Sun Feng, Armin Rohde  as Damian Leopold, Anna Jacoby-Heron as Jory Emhoff.

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Classification: M

Year: 2011

Language: English

Contagion features several plotlines, with no one main character.  In the first storyline, Beth Emhoff returns from Hing Kong on a busines trip after briefly stopping over in Chicago to cheat on her husband with a fromer boyfriend. She appears to have a cold at first, but when she arrives home in Minneapolis, she suffers from seizures, and is rushed to a hospital, but dies of brain haemorrhage. Her widower Mitch Emhoff returns home, and her son also seems to have a cold. Mitch is put into quarantine, but seems to be immune to the disease, which has now become a pandemic, spreading from Hong Kong, via a waiter, to Chicago, from the man Beth cheated on Mitch with. The disease, MEV-1 has spread all over Asia, Europe and America, killing thousands. Tragically, Mitch returns home, to find that Beth’s son Clark has died of MEV-1 too. Mitch and his daughter Jory attempt to flee to Chicago, but a military road block has been set up, because Chicago has been badly hit by the disease. Mitch and Jory return home, a place where anarchy now reigns, after millions have died from MEV-1. Jory cannot leave the house due to the disease, but when a cure is found, a lottery is used with all 365 days of the year, to see which people born on any given day get the vaccine. When Jory’s boyfriend get’s vaccinated, he is finally allowed to enter the house, and Mitch sets up a makeshift Prom.

In Atlanta, representatives from the Department of Homeland Security meet with Dr. Ellis Cheever of the Centers for Disease Control and express fears that MEV-1 may in fact be a bioweapon. Cheever then sends Dr. Erin Mears, an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer to Minneapolis to negotiate with local politicians to get funding for makeshift hospitals. Unfortunately, she gets infected with the disease, which is transferred through touch, e.g. if you have the disease and touch something whoever touches that next gets it. MEV-1 is also transferred through breathing on others. Mears is taken to the hospital, where she later dies. investigations into cures for the disease have all failed, as it is only possibl to reproduce the disease in live cells, which is too dangerous. Then, Professor Ian Suffman finds a cure for Meningoencephalitis Virus One (MEV-1), but he goes against the government. His protege, Dr Hextall, continues his research, and finds the cure. She then visits her father who has MEV-1, to test the vaccine on them both. It works, and then Cheever, remorseful abouth the deaths his actions caused, gives his vaccine to the son of the janitor he works with. The vaccine is distributed through a lottery, with all 365 days in it, and anyone born on that day gets it.

Alan Krumwiede, a conspirationally minded freelance internet journalist, posts the first vlogs about the disease, and in one of tehm, appears to have MEV-1, but “recovers” using the drug forsythia. Panicked people attack and loot shops and military food and drug deliveries to find forsythia, and the pandemic is spread further as more crazed people congregate in spots for the drug. Krumwiede leaps to national attention, and during an interview, accuses Cheever of telling family members to leave before the quarantine was imposed. It is eventually revealed the Krumwiede was never sick, and only sold forsythia as the cure because he was helping investors, and himself, make more money. He is arrested by Homeland Security, but his 12 million vlog viewers collect and pay his bail. He is last seen on his vlog talking about unknown side affects the cure “must” have, according to him.

  Dr. Leonora Orantes is a World Health Organisation epidemiologist, who travels to Hong Kong to find where the sickness originated. There, she identifies Beth Emhoff as patient zero. Then, her colleague Sun Feng kidnaps her to use her as leverage to get the vaccine to his village first. When the vaccinse arrive, she is exchanged, only to find out that the vaccines were fakes. She then remembers all tre frail children she taught in a makeshift school, and is last seen running away.

The movie ends showing how the virus originated. Emhoff’s mining company is clearing the jungle, and a bulldozer knocks over a palm tree in which the infected bats where nesting. one of the bats eats a banana, and then drops it into a pigsty. A pig then eats it, and is sold to the hotel that Emhoff was at. The chef touches the pig, then doesn’t wash his hands before touching Emhoff, infecting her and the waiter, who both infect the next victims, making the human srain, called Mev-1.


Penn Manor, Chapter 3

Sally woke with the sun the next morning. She felt like she had a head full of lead but got up anyway. Maybe a hot shower will fix it, she thought. First she had to actually find the bathroom. Up the stairs, three doors down and to the left, Sally finaly found the bathroom. She turned on the shower but nothing happened. One more time… Sally thought. Again, nothing happened. There was no water in any of the other bathrooms either and by the time she had climbed the several flights of stairs to many times to count trying to find any, she was clear headed again anyway. After a short breakfast of chips and a chocolate bar from the car, Aunty Tia hadn’t been to the shops yet, Sally walked down the hill to the bus stop. The bus ride wasn’t particuarly long and before she knew it Sally was at Silverfern High School…


I had a great time in year 7 PRISM. Today I am writing my finale blog!

I have really enjoyed prism as it gave me a chance to write different things other than newspaper articles and other boring stuff. I got the chance to write things on ebooks, authors and I just wish I could have done more as now that PRISM is ending I am suddenly able to think of things to write about. Things like the Harry Potter series, St Leonard’s College and animals.

PRISM is great fun and I very much wish I could have more time to do more exciting blogs. Thanks to Ms Devine and Ms Haake for giving me this chance and I hope I get another chance in the near future!

Thanks for the fantastic experience!!!!!!!!!


My last, very breif post.


I am meant to be writing a final blog post talking about English PRISM. It is meant to be breif, emphasis on the breif part. Today I am setting myself a 100 word limit. should be interesting…

I think English PRISM is really fun and I hope I can be in it next year. Even though it was different than I’d expected, I enjoyed it a lot and I feel really comfortable in this class. I thought I was going to be surrounded by professional people talking about Shakespear and stuff. But really this is a fun period to write about stuff you’re passionate about and rant on and on about basically anything. So in short, pretty much the best class ever!

I wish we could’ve had more time, because I have way way way more things to write. But unfortuantely I am running over my word limit, 153 words, which just shows you how much I like PRISM.

YAY! Carla:)

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley, Australia’s most annoying couple.

With all the TV shows, movies, books, games, sports, crafts, people and house work that is around nowadays , I cannot comprehend why people are spending their time obsessing over Shane Warne and Liz Hurley eating lunch. You would think that after seeing about a billion couples together already, the excitment, squealing and massive amounts of photos in trashy magazines would’ve stopped by now. But apparently seeing a man and a woman holding hands (gasp) is still exciting and often ‘front page’ news. Don’t get me wrong, those weekly gossip magazines are sometimes entertaining (especially the worst dressed of 2011) , but really, I don’t understand why the media is so astonished when they see the “celebrity” couple. Well, I kind of do actually, they are giving the people what they want.

What I really, really don’t understand is why this is what the people want.

Is it that they are really, truly fascinated by this extremely extraordinarily amazing relationship? Or simply because the  magazine is excellent for picking up the dog’s business? I’m going for the second option because how can reasonably intelligent, reasonably normal people be entertained by the public displays of affection between a retired cricketer who is on a hair cream comercial and a famous actress, who irrates me to no end.

The magazines of today spend all their time publishing stupid articles about things that aren’t even that amazing. Like how Jenifer Aniston could be pregnant (emphasis on the could part). Or Suri Cruise’s beautiful new style (complete with plastic high heels.) Reporters and photographers are obsessed over families and people that A. are already talked about enough and B. whose daily activities,such as picking up kids from school, (gasp, yet again) aren’t amazing enough to be talked about in a normal conversation, let alone be published in a popular magazine.

It’s the same with the Kardashians, but at least their lives are so dramtic and silly, that you can have a good laugh about it.

Next time you are going on a long trip, don’t buy Women’s day or whatever. And please, please bring an interesting book, snakes and ladders or your ipod and occupy yourself with something that’s interesting and actually worth your precious, valuable time.

So, go and read some shakespeare or something and banish Australia’s most annoying couple from your reasonably normal, reasonably intelligent minds.




Everyone should know the complete and utter palava of a girl getting ready to go somewhere. Everything has to match, colour-corodinated or not and the hair has to be perfect. I am one these sorts of girls and I personally love watching other people and what they are wearing. I envy little four year olds being able to wear a pink fairy dress over a purple and white polka-dot shirt and pink stripy tights. Now, girls are having to wear tight fitting singlet tops with high-waisted floral short skirts and this is just for the daytime. It’s a totally different story at night. This is when the short dresses and unreasonably high heels come out to play.

What’s wrong with jeans, t-shirt and and comfy shoes.